Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!

Why do you need to renew your Trust Verified Credential every two years?

Photo of Trust Verified trophy sitting on top of white pedestal

The reasons you need to renew your Trust Verified Credential every two years are simple:

Enough things in a business can change during the course of two years that it is important to refresh information, or in some cases, introduce it for the first time.

Most importantly, when each business becomes Trust Verified, they innately gain invaluable insights regarding TRUST.  Not just how to earn it from their customers, how to retain it, rebuild it if necessary and how to confirm it to others.  We believe the importance of revisiting these insights is an essential reinforcer in keeping the information on top of mind.  The more on top of mind the information remains, the more natural and automatic the actions and mindsets are towards earning, retaining, rebuilding and restoring trust. All actions that pay dividends to your business over and over again.

Here are some other reasons revisiting the information relevant to your Trust Verified Credential is important:

  1. Often business ownership changes, or management changes and the people in charge are different than when the original or latest Trust Verified Credential was earned.
  2. A business is only as good as the people running it.  If those people haven't been trained or passed the required Assessments for their company to be Trust Verified, it would be hard, if not impossible, to expect them to apply the principles learned in the Training Packs that lead up to earning the Trust Verified Credential.
  3. Employees or team members also change.  Making sure that all employees and team members are on the same page is a very large part of a company's overall success in executing what it truly needed to be trusted by the public, as well as all customers.
  4. Information also changes.  Over any two year period, there is bound to be new information that can help businesses accomplish the ever so important task of earning trust from their customers.  Part of our job is stay on top of all that for you and make sure that you are receiving every opportunity to remain on top of all that, as well.

    ** Trust Verified credentials are valid for two years.  Businesses can take Extended Learning Courses to renew their credential.
An open book showing a team taking up both pages of the book.  Is your team on the same page?

Making sure your team is on the same page has immeasurable perks!

Speaking of TRUST... what do you think your team members / employees would reveal to you if you asked them how THEY define TRUST? 

We asked 250 small business this question and they asked their team members.  All but 5 were surprised at what they found out!  See what they learned!

The perks and benefits to ensuring yourself that your whole team is in sync and on the same page will take you miles and miles of distance you might never otherwise travel.