Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Picture of a bright light bulb indicating that businesses need an arsenal of tools, tips, and tricks to help create and implement their Smartest Marketing Strategies

Which of these tools are you missing?

Each tool helps build trust in your company, the most important building block your customers need to choose YOU!

YOU know better than anyone else what you may be trying to solve, improve, or create.  If any of the programs below spark curiosity or “speak” to you, let us know!  Let's have a "no obligation" exploratory conversation to help decide if any of these programs can help address your challenges.

Fun photo of an EXPERT wearing a name tag that says the same.  You can see he is thinking about how being a Resident Expert can help his business be profitable.

Resident Expert Program

Customers begin to trust you when they perceive you know what you are talking about.

In this spirit, we can help you discover the secret to one of the most effective quality lead generating strategies you can adopt... EDUCATE first.  Watch  TRUST follow second. 

Our RESIDENT EXPERT PROGRAM gives you a perfect platform to provide your expertise and knowledge to local people who need answers and solutions YOU can give them! 

Businesses in this program routinely experience the epitome of what it means to CONNECT AND CONVERT!

Photo of a pretty front door of a house with the words, "It starts with ideas!"

Inspiration Room


Your potential customers will gain trust in you faster when they can actually see the quality of your work.

If your trade or profession sells itself with visuals, stop at nothing to inspire those who need to envision...

For that "need to see" in all of us, you have an opportunity to  show off the quality of your masterpieces and your workmanship with photos in our Inspiration Room.               

Your photos will help produce enthusiasm and generate early TRUST with visitors as they are able to get ideas, be inspired, and confirm your work reflects a level of quality they value.

Picture of a cell phone and notebook page with a list of business quality criteria each checked off.

Customer Review Strategy

Customer Reviews represent the highest influence factor consumers use to confirm quality-worthy businesses.

It's safe to say that because of the weight customer reviews carry, incorporating them right is a MUST-HAVE part of every business's smartest marketing strategy.

As with any strategy, there are smart ways to employ them that will propel you further.  The rules of thumb for Customer Reviews are simple:
  • Make it easy to do
  • Remain transparent
  • Make them easy to find
Picture of computer screen showing a short customer survey.

Quick Customer Survey Tool

Over 72% of customers are happy to tell you honestly what they think of their experience with you, your company and your service, IF THEY ARE ASKED!

Our clients receive between 50% to 90% response rate when they use this QUICK SURVEY TOOL ~ way above industry average!

Most of our clients also piggy-back another equally friendly survey that gives their customers a chance to offer suggestions to improve.  These tools make it easy for you to ask for feedback, and easy for your customers to share it.

Fun animated picture of a rocket going UP with words that say, "I like it up here!"

Propel Program

Most business owners know there are only 24 hours in a day which limits the amount you can accomplish, unless, of course, you are a smart strategizer!

I can tell you from over thirty years of experience that there are definitive steps you can take that will routinely accelerate your growth and propel your company's revenues.

Propel was designed for the super busy business owner in mind.  It's a short term program where my team works with you on specific areas that will take your business to the next levels and beyond.

Animated picture of the word BLOG written in red.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Providing information that educates helps confirm you are knowledgeable which legitimizes your COMPETENCE. Blog posts are an excellent tool that enables you to educate. They put your knowledge to work for you 24/7 with their searchable content. Done right, blogs can be instrumental in creating conversion-worthy leads. 

Being a Guest Blogger is a second best opportunity for you to spread your expertise without stress or commitment to a regular blog post.

We can help you transfer your knowledge into profits as a one-time or a frequent Guest Blogger.

Fun picture of the Limelight Interview logo - a microphone with a lime as the mike piece.

Limelight Interviews

People ultimately want to hire companies they can trust. One way people begin to establish that trust is by learning as much about a business as they can.

In this spirit, we have presented many local businesses through our special Limelight Interviews that reveal helpful information visitors would otherwise miss out on.

Limelight Interviews' humanizing conversations present your character.  They help acquaint visitors with you, giving them confidence and comfort levels they need to engage with or contact you.

Picture of a detective looking with a magnifying glass at footsteps leading up to a website.  Message asks, "What does your website say about you?"

Trust Analysis / Website Sweep

Every company has a TRUST SCORE, but most companies have no idea what it is!  Your TRUST SCORE reveals what a customer conducting a due diligence process can discover about your company and how much trust they can gain.

Enlist us to conduct a TRUST ANALYSIS for you including a sweep of your website.  Your take-aways can arm you with simple steps you can take that will enhance your TRUST SCORES and your revenues. 

In most cases, making little tiny tweaks can result in giant sized differences.
Photo of a LEAD compass

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets help you connect, earn trust, build your data base, and generate hot leads.

Lead Magnets help you draw in potential customers who already have an interest in something that you know and they don't.

Lead Magnets affirm your expertise, which speaks to your competency, a critical piece to quickly gaining trust.

Businesses that incorporate Lead Magnets as part of their Smartest Marketing Strategies experience exactly what it means to CONNECT, RELATE, AND CONVERT!

Picture of Trust Verified medal. This and / or the Trust Verified trophy are proudly displayed on websites of Trust Verified businesses.

Sharpen Your

Your credentials matter to potential customers, maybe more than you might realize.

Many factors make you merit-worthy to consumers who are considering you along with your competitors. Awards, Certifications, Licenses, News Mentions, etc. help qualify you  giving you authority in your profession.

Customers need validating proof you are amazing in your field, that you can prove it, and can reinforce it with them.            

Find out how to sharpen your credentials and how getting TRUST VERIFIED can boost your credibility and chances at winning with new customers!

Picture on a cell phone of Scrabble letters on top of one dollar bills spelling out the word, MONEY.  These are indicating Money Pages, web pages that make you money.

Money Pages

If you are not familiar with Money Pages, this is a great place to become acquainted. Money Pages are exactly what their name says. They are web pages that make you money!

Money Pages are conversion worthy web pages that help you turn researchers into leads and customers.

Money Pages should be important to you if you seriously want quality and qualified leads to come straight to you.

Money Pages are impactful stepping stones that help guide visitors to comfort levels they need to engage with or take actions towards you.

Photo of a doctor holding a stethoscope asking how your business would score on an Internal Trust Check Up.

Internal Trust Check-Up

Each contact a consumer has with your company has a weighty impact on whether they will pursue business with you. This single touch point has huge influence over your trust factor.

More weight comes from the way your team interacts and communicates.  In person, phone, and online. 

Your company's processes pose a third impact that affects your hire worthiness to customers who need you.

Find out how you weigh in and why businesses should have an Internal Trust Check-Up every two years!

Photo of a toolbox.  What's in your toolbox?

Which of these tools are you missing?

Resident Expert Program                   Propel Program                                        Lead Magnets
Quick Customer Survey Tool             Trust Analysis / Website Sweep              Internal Trust Check-Up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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