Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of businesses can the tools, training packs, and resources on this website support?

The simple answer is SmartestMarketingStrategy supports all businesses. Because there is a strong case to be made about earning consumer trust, it's safe to say that every business can stand to gain some knowledge, minimally, that will help move them forward, improve any number of their current success measurements, any of which will help them become bigger winners!  Certain tools and certain Training Packs are exclusively tailored towards a specific industry, i.e. real estate, home improvement, service professional, etc.  Those are clearly labeled, so easy to identify.   It also doesn't matter where your business is located.  The concepts and principals you will learn and discover about TRUST are universally applicable to people and businesses everywhere!

Is there a cost to get help from SmartestMarketingStrategy.com?

Yes and no!  There is a variety of tools, resources, and consulting opportunities that are complimentary or free.  Here's a hint (shhhhh!).  Each of the Training Packs offers a good deal of educational value in their introductions / Training Pack Descriptions. Take a look at those.  In some instances, perhaps the information you'll find will fulfill an immediate and sufficient purpose for you.  Keep up with my blog.  That information is always free!  If you have questions, challenges, or want professional marketing advice, I block out certain times each month and dedicate them for visitors to schedule private one-on-one phone timeThe first conversation is on me! 

There are also a number of tools, services, resources, including 25 Training Packs scheduled for publication that do cost you something.  My Training and Resource Center is a collection of many tools and resources that have propelled over 3600 businesses over the past sixteen years.  Each are tried and proven.  You can choose whichever ones resonate with you to help you, too, become empowered to be a smarter marketer and bigger winner!

Does SmartestMarketingStrategy offer any discounts on any of the tools, services or Training Packs?

Yes.  Sometimes!  You can save when you purchase ten Training Packs.  You don't have to purchase them all at once.  My special program #SmartestMarketers keeps track of all your purchases and the Assessments you take.  With the exception of the TRUST MATTERS TRAINING SERIES, after you have purchased nine Training Packs, your tenth one is free.  In addition, after each five completed Training Pack Assessments, you will receive a special gift to your inbox. Lastly, you might see special promotions run on the TRUST MATTERS TRAINING SERIES 2021 throughout the year.  When you see them, it's a good idea to act quickly, because they won't last long.

Does SmartestMarketingStrategy have an affiliate program?

Not exactly, but close!  Instead, there are opportunities to become an Ambassador to SmartestMarketingStrategy where you can be rewarded monetarily for your efforts in advocating for the tools, resources, and educational information offered on this website.   See more.

If you want Diana to come train your team or company, how does that work?

I have been working with businesses as they gear up or regroup their marketing planning since 2004.  Every business is different, so there is no cookie cutter course.  There are, however, several primary topics (that revolve around consumer trust, of course!) that are incorporated into the training courses I provide.  Depending on the size, location and number of team members a business has, as well as the timing they are looking at, training can be achieved either in person or online.

It is best to contact me directly to discuss training opportunities.  From there, it is easier to determine a training plan that addresses what you need and makes the most sense financially for your business.

What is Trust Verified?

Trust Verified is a distinctive credential that has value to your customers as a quality validator and a trust builder.  Learn more.

How does a company become Trust Verified?

Becoming a Trust Verified company enables you to proudly display the Trust Verified trophy or medal on your website and social media pages.  This helps your inquiring customers validate your quality and certain elements of your reputation they may be trying to confirm.  Trust Verified businesses have gone through specialized training and passed required assessments to EARN their Trust Verified status.  The training focuses on TRUST from both a company and consumer perspective, training you can't get anywhere else.  EARN is the key word here.  Businesses cannot buy their Trust Verified credential.  It is something, that when earned, has value to the company, as well as to their customers.  Companies that become Trust Verified recognize the enormity of being trusted by their customers, as well as the value of helping them legitimately earn that trust.  Learn more.

​When businesses become Trust Verified, one of the requirements is that they take specific Training Packs and their respective Assessments.  A passing score of 80% or higher is needed to earn the Trust Verified status.  So, what happens if a business does not earn a high enough score?  A business (or team members, depending on who is taking the Training Packs) can retake Assessments if they don't score high enough to earn the  Trust Verified credential.  There is currently a limit of three tries to earn the needed percentage.  Different versions of the "missed" Assessments will be provided for each re-take.

You already do an awesome job of earning trust with customers when you get in front of them.  So, why do you still need a strategy around trust?

Trust occurs in different stages of "customer hood," and weighs in heavier, depending on the stage or relationship of the customer.  It's never enough to assume that once you've landed a customer (or even an appointment with one), that the rest is a cake walk for you.  It's not.  Trust has to be earned in the beginning, and reinforced throughout your relationship with every customer. 

Many of the tools and resources on this website are geared towards helping a business learn how to effectively and consistently earn trust from customers-to-be in their early stages of consideration, those stages that are pre-appointment or pre-estimate.  Why is this important to be able to nail down?  Without those appointments, you won't land their business.  Without their trust, you won't land their appointment. An enormous amount of processing happens with customers (yours, mine, everyone's!) before they reach a comfort level strong enough to give you their consideration. It is during these stages, that if you don't prove yourself, you are out of the running!

Other tools and resources you will find on this website help you hone in on the post-appointment stages of "customer hood," those stages where your customers are watching and listening for constant reassurance you will be delivering on what you promised. Understanding their signals and how to respond effectively will provide you and your customers with more "make" moments than "break." So, yes, strategizing around trust is your smartest marketing strategy in the early stages of customer consideration, and throughout your customer relationships.

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