Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!


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Join smart businesses who share the same goals ~ Increase their profits; gain more customers; achieve more successes; be better than they've ever been! 

About this training
This training started out as in-person training in 2015.  It was offered as part of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry's courses for Continuing Education credits for General Contractors.  Between 2015 and 2019, I had given this training class in person over 30 times.  Each time proved that even the smartest team members experience plenty of "a ha" moments as they discovered things they wished they'd understood better ions earlier!

Fast forward, not just because of COVID, but because I've been able to reach far more people, I created an online version of this training in 2020. 

What's in the training?
TRUST MATTERS not just covers, it embraces the indiscriminate larger than life influence of CONSUMER TRUST from both a customer's perspective and a business's.  I'm pretty confident the training dives deeper into this topic than most people will venture on their own.  That's actually part
of the beauty and the benefit of the training!

Who is this training for?

Every business can benefit from this training.  As much as it had originally been geared toward General Contractors, its scope has definitely been expanded so that it applies to every business, especially those that provide any kind of service.  Whether your services are B2C or B2B, this training applies to and benefits YOU!

Why does TRUST MATTER so much?

TRUST MATTERS because of its unwavering, indiscriminate and larger than life influence.  It MATTERS because no business, not even yours, is immune to the inevitable scrutiny every customer will put you through as they gain trust in you (or they don't!).  TRUST MATTERS because without it, nothing else any of us have resonates value to our customers!  In fact, a good deal of everything else a customer thinks they think about you is erased instantly if they lose or cannot gain trust.

Learning how to gain trust, prove it, promote it, and to finally predictably profit from it is the overall goal every business should be striving towards. TRUST MATTERS teaches you how to accomplish these. 

TRUST MATTERS helps any business who is interested in achieving excellence to do exactly that... by helping them focus on what is important to their customers - TRUST in their business!

The best news:
When each of my "students" have learned to embrace this focus, they routinely experience the reality that TRUST pays back dividends, and pays them back well.

What should you expect after you take this training?  Every person who has attended the 30+ seminars plus those who have taken this training online have walked away with more light bulbs on and more motivated to take simple action steps that have propelled them further and faster than they would have ever moved otherwise. 

The simple reason: For 96% of consumers, trust is the primary separator between YOU and THEM.  Yet, strikingly, TRUST is still one of the most underestimated and only partially understood opportunities of our time.  TRUST MATTERS will help change that for you.

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