Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
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Small Business Owners Know How They Define TRUST - but, do their team members define it the same way?

A simple question?  Let's find out what happened when 250 business owners asked their team members how they would each define trust!

It might be interesting to note that of the 250 business owners who participated in this survey....

Were confident that their team members would be in sync with the way they viewed TRUST.

Felt when asked, their team members would vary in their interpretations of TRUST.

In Reality:

Only 5 businesses (out of 250!) experienced consistent responses from their team members when asked how they individually would define TRUST!

Surprised?  So were at least 245 of the business owners who participated! 

Room to grow?  We think so!

Clearly, most of these business owners were surprised at what they found out!

You might be also!  What we know is that although TRUST is a timeless concept, it is one of the most under estimated opportunities and one of the least completely understood influencers affecting customers, including yours!

Most business owners feel because they know TRUST is important, that they naturally do what they need to be doing to be trustedConsequently, most business owners don't dive into this topic as deeply as you can here! They don't think they need to. 

We get that most business owners or employees don't dive into this topic that way.  But we know there is a lot more to it.  TRUST is more complex and consists of several layers most business owners (or employees) don't normally think about, much like an onion! 

Another thing we know is that once business owners do dive in, light bulbs go on that "glaringly" help them transform the way their business succeeds! 

If you asked your employees / team members how they would define TRUST, do you think you could predict what you would hear?  You can find out!  Think you're ready to find out what your team members would reveal?  Let us help you make this discovery by providing a safe, anonymous response system for your team!

Why conduct this exercise?  Because you get more responses this way PLUS the information you receive is invaluable!   Happens every time!

What would your team tell you?

Don't Guess!  Don't Wonder!  Be Sure!

Why does it matter if your team members interpret TRUST like you do?

It all starts with you and filters down through your team!  Without their complete buy-in on how YOU want them to view the most influential factor your customers consider, your business will almost always be a little bit out of step.

When your whole team is on the same page with this most important element, the one that affects your business's reputation every single day, with every single relationship, every single touch point, and every single contact, your business will operate in better harmony.  You will also see your business experiences other consistencies, as well, and generates more loyalties, profits and successes.

If you and your team are out of sync on the concept of TRUST, it is easier than you might think to get everyone quickly on board with more of the same mindset.  Don't allow one of the largest and unknown misunderstandings amongst your team members continue to result in avoidable mistakes and missed opportunities. Instead, understanding TRUST across the board is one of your business assets you should be able to bank on!  Literally!

Think your team is on the same page?
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