Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!

What is required to become a Trust Verified business?

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There are three ways a business can become Trust Verified - businesses have a choice

Businesses can choose how they will earn their Trust Verified status. There are three ways to earn the special credential.

  1. A business owner can take the TRUST MATTERS TRAINING SERIES along with its Assessment.  Earning the Trust Verified status requires a passing score of 80% or higher on the Assessment.  An advantage of choosing this option is that taking this single Training Pack might be a faster option. (All Training Packs are taken online.)
  2. A business owner and / or designated management level company representatives can take their choice of 6 individual shorter Training Packs along with each of their respective Assessments.  These can be taken at your own pace.  A passing score of 80% or higher is also required for each Assessment.  An average score of 80% will not earn the credential.  (See FAQ's for more information on this scoring.)  An advantage of choosing this option is that you can decide on 6 Training Packs of your choice so you can pick ones that specifically resonate with you or your business.  The pace you choose to complete this series is up to you.
  3. Depending on the size of the business, this may be your only option.  There is a special Training Pack designed to be taken by all employees of larger companies.  This Training Pack helps all team members / employees ultimately end up on the same page.  Each employee takes their own Training Pack online along with its Assessment.  In this case, an overall company wide average of 80% or higher is required for the company to earn their Trust Verified status.  This is a more awesome collaborative team effort than you might realize! 

    ** Trust Verified credentials are valid for two years.  Businesses can take Extended Learning Courses to renew their credential.
An open book showing a team taking up both pages of the book.  Is your team on the same page?

Making sure your team is on the same page has immeasurable perks!

When you are considering which of the three options you would rather choose for your company to earn your Trust Verified status, I would encourage you to give some serious thought to option #3 above, even if you have a small company.  The perks and benefits to ensuring yourself that your whole team is in sync and on the same page will take you miles and miles of distance you might never otherwise travel.

Either option you choose will provide you with an invaluable education.  You can decide how many team members in your business you want to bring into the process. 

Are you ready to take a great, big, giant step forward?

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