Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!


Smart advice every real estate agent can use to increase their client base

This is a special eBook Series written just for Real Estate Agents!
Both books are well worth checking out.  For the newly licensed agent AND the veteran agent, these eBooks will reinforce steps YOU can take YOURSELF that don't cost you anything except a little bit of your own time that will reliably and routinely improve your client lead generation.

Both eBooks present proven strategies you will wonder how you lived without, as well as how to seamlessly incorporate these plans into whatever strategies you may already have working for you.  I'd like to draw attention to the key words, "proven" and "client lead generation."

I invite you to take in this series, either one book at a time, or both at once.  Information and guidance you will find in both of these resources will minimally provide you with tools, strategies, and ammo to ensure that:

  • YOU more effectively connect to agent-seeking buyers and sellers
  • YOU make these connections more routinely and predictably
  • Those connections lead to trusting and confident new clients
  • You spend little to nothing to implement these plans

Because making money in Real Estate starts with gaining new clients, I hope you will take time to dive into of one or both of these eBooks where you will learn proven plans for earning new clients.  One of my personal goals has always been to share my expertise with other professionals who make their livings by earning new clients.  These eBooks are written and geared specifically for YOU, the active, hard-working Real Estate Agent!

​A Real Estate Agent's Proven Plan For Earning New Clients

Be prepared to kick back and learn about a plan where you will discover two of the most under-utilized, yet most influential strategies that for most real estate agents will change the way they earn new clients forever!

Whether you are a veteran or a new real estate agent, putting these practices in motion will ensure you have a steady flow of awesome client leads until you decide you don't need anymore!

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Two Simple, Proven Steps You Can Do Yourself To Increase And Improve Your Client Leads

Discover dual steps that will increase your client lead generation with not junk leads, but with client leads who are motivated buyers and sellers.  When you adopt these two strategies, you will also experience client leads come directly to you with greater ease and more often

If you think you haven't nailed down the perfect client lead generation strategy, chances are you may still have some room to improve.  The steps you will learn here will help you do just that!

COPIES ARE DIGITALLY DELIVERED!  Watch and learn in the comfort of home or office!

As a Real Estate Agent, did you know:

  • 55% of agent-seeking sellers will by-pass you and choose another agent
  • 75% of sellers who receive an agent referral (even a strong one!) take steps first to learn about that agent to help them decide if they will contact them
  • 30% of sellers who receive an agent referral will never contact that agent

eBook 2 lays out a simple, basic, but critical plan that helps ensure these things stop happening to YOU!

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