Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
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What Do Ambassadors Of SmartestMarketingStrategy.com
Do And How Do They Benefit?

Advocate →  Help Facilitate Connections  → Be Rewarded

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Are you already a believer?

If you are already a believer in the natural benefits businesses reap when they strategize around Consumer Trust, then becoming an Ambassador of that mantra should be easy. 

The great part is that it’s not only about what you can do for others, being part of this program will produce mutual and reciprocal benefits right back to YOU, and in more ways than you might realize.


Wondering what you would do as an Ambassador?

Ambassadors of SmartestMarketingStrategy.com share what they love in different ways in different places.  It all depends on where they orbit.  The same goes for you. 

It’s all about facilitating connections when they make sense.  This works because  the people in your universe trust you. They rely on you to “give” as part of your partnership in the relationship. 

All relationships breathe through the gives and takes that each of you provide.  When you provide something of value, your give strengthens your partner and that, in turn, strengthens your relationship.

A fun and usually unexpected part of being an Ambassador is that when you give, your recipients are usually eager to give something back to you.  If they value your relationship, you will see they will usually think of a way to reciprocate so they keep the score even up.  Most people don’t necessarily keep score, they just feel better knowing there is a balance.

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* Note: ​ Ambassadors can expect to receive rewards equivalent to 10% of the revenue SmartestMarketingStrategy receives from the businesses they refer.  There may be exceptions to that, depending on certain events. 

Here is what Ambassadors of SmartestMarketingStrategy.com are doing to share and spread the energy, education and the smart techniques that unwaveringly move every business forward:

Our Ambassadors share, recommend and facilitate connections to specific things they feel have benefit and value.

WHAT are they sharing and recommending:

Our Ambassadors guide business owners and professionals within their universes to specific content, articles, Trainings, success tools, services, Blog Posts, eBooks, surveys, events and more.

HOW do they share, recommend, make connections:

Our Ambassadors speak from their hearts and their own experiences when guiding their friends and colleagues to explore different content, training opportunities or services. 

We provide easy information, relevant links and request forms to help make connecting directly with us easy. 

Ambassadors have access to a special Quick Link and Product Guide  designed especially for them.  This is where they can stay up-to-date on all current and "coming soon" products and services.  The Guide has complete product descriptions, links and special Ambassador insight information to help them be most effective and successful at communicating the benefits when they share or recommend.

WHERE do Ambassadors share, recommend, make connections:

Our Ambassadors utilize a number of platforms and methods that include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Parler, Instagram, LinkedIn, Rumble, more)
  • Their own Blog Posts or Guest Blog Posts
  • Their newsletters
  • Their networking groups and circles
  • Individual emails and individual phone calls to select people
  • Many are Trust Verified businesses and display the Trust Verified logos linking to SmartestMarketingStrategy.com - this links back to them, as well
  • Encouraging other businesses to also become Trust Verified
  • Reaching out to Real Estate Agents (local and across the U.S.) encouraging them to learn more about Sidekick, a service that caters to Realtors, as well as a popular eBook Series also written just for Real Estate Agents– this is one of the largest opportunity areas to tap
  • Acting as a re-seller of SmartestMarketingStrategy.com’s Training Packs, eBooks, services
  • Hosting, sponsoring, or inviting other professionals to attend Trainings – these are currently offered online due to Covid-19
  • Promoting their partnership or alliance with SmartestMarketingStrategy.com on their website with links to smartestmarketingstrategy.com

What rewards do Ambassadors of SmartestMarketingStrategy.com receive:

​As an Ambassador, you receive up to 10%* of ALL revenue that generates from connections you facilitate. Very simply – help make connections.  When your connections turn into business, you automatically earn up to 10% of EVERYTHING those connections do with SmartestMarketingStrategy.com. 

Some of the revenue generated through SmartestMarketingStrategy.com are one-time fees for Training or for various services or projects.  Other revenue is generated as monthly residual fees.  Ambassadors benefit by being paid on both types of revenue. 

How do you know what your connections are doing with SmartestMarketingStrategy.com:

When you become an Ambassador, we create a special Ambassador Dashboard for you where you can view activity 24 / 7 relevant to your connections, as well as your reward earnings.

How does SmartestMarketingStrategy.com track connections back to you:

This is obviously an important part of being an Ambassador in this program.  We use several checks and balances to make sure you get credit for your efforts.

  • Our website tracking tells us where people have come from, so we know when they originated from your website or social media

  • You receive a custom Promo Code that you can and should use.  This is an identifier and also helps your connections save a little something, too.  We can show you how to use your Promo Code.  It’s easy!
  • In some cases, the Contact Forms your visitors and your connections fill out online are custom forms that trace back to you

  • We always ask out of curiosity which serves as a great back up to confirm your connections came from you
Teal colored cover of a spiral notebook with title, "Who will you share with first?"

Start on your Ambassador Program today

When you know something is awesome, sharing information about it is awesome, too!  Think about other people and businesses in your universe!  Who will you share with first!?  Then, how would you like to receive your benefits?

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