Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!

You're never too experienced to stop learning!

Thousands of businesses have grown and prospered by adopting the trust building strategies they learned from the Resources you can find below. You can, too! 

Every Training course or resource helps reaffirm the larger than life influence that TRUST has on all of our day to day business, as well as on the bigger pictures of our businesses, our futures. 
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The more you engage in a new resource, the more proficient you will become at this strategizing.

Plus, when you adopt your new smart marketing strategies, plan to experience a more profitable business, and what if feels like to routinely be a bigger winner!

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Utilize these resources to learn proven TRUST BUILDING strategies...
Game-changing initiatives that will set your business up for natural and routine success!

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Have marketing questions or challenges?

Wonder how to increase quality traffic to your website?

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How to avoid marketing pitfalls others have fallen into?

Wonder what you can do differently to get better results?

Department manager on phone and laptop hopeful of discovering her staff is on the same page on how they each view what trust actually means

How confident are you that everyone in your company would be in sync if you asked them to define something as "simple" as TRUST?

What would your team tell you?

I wonder if you would be surprised at what you would find out if you actually ASKED your team!  While you ponder on that one, find out what 250 other businesses found out when they did!

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Photo of a starting line and a reminder that for 96% of consumers, the only way you will earn their business is earn their trust first.

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Since 2004, I have had the privilege of working with business owners as they gear up or regroup their marketing planning.  When you work with me, "our" primary differentiator means that your training or guidance sessions include an added focus on more than your team's challenges and goals.  It also incorporates the concept of TRUST in the strategizing and thought processing.  Why?  Because regardless of everything else a business has going for them, without clarity and deliberate strategizing around TRUST, much of the "other stuff" doesn't work as well.  It's true. As business owners, unless you embrace this truth, you rarely end up in a better place than where you're starting from!

The extra dedication to TRUST is worth it!  Why?  Companies I work with are probably like you, serious about being the best and serious about hoping "best" will magically translate to more business and more money!  Fair?!  Sounds fair, but it isn't about fair.  It comes down to strategizing smartly.  Like many of them, you can become a master at realizing WHERE and WHY strategizing around TRUST helps you facilitate stronger goal achievement.  Like them, your training will assist you in becoming champions at HOW to do this effectively and prosperously. And isn't that the point?  Like them, you can start  setting your smartest marketing strategy in motion any time you are ready to propel your business beyond the "best" you can be!  Schedule training for your team and SEE FOR YOURSELF what it's like to be a champion!

Start by giving me a call or reaching out online to discuss training for your business, your team(s), or locations.   763-745-1188

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Who Should Engage Their Teams In These Trainings?

When I give these Training Sessions, they are custom - tailored to the business, team or group being trained!  So, who should train their team or group?  Any team or business that is serious about being better than they were the previous years, better than their competition, and better in the future. 

It is usually surprising and eye opening to most managers and supervisors how NOT on the same page their team members are on a number of critical concepts.  What was thought to be "obvious," doesn't always turn out to be so clear.  For example, one frequent oops I have seen from some teams is an (unexpected!) discovery that not all team members actually understand or correctly interpret their company's overall mission.  Who knew they didn't know? 

Another huge oops, and my pet peeve, is how insanely wide spread trust is only partially understood.  Most people know it's important.  They're right.  But 95% of employees (on all levels) only partially understand it.  If that's the case, which it is, how is that helping to move the trust factor pendulums for most businesses?  Kind of a scary thought!  One certainty you can count on is that when your team has participated in these Training Sessions... when they walk out together their clarity and their understandings will be resoundingly more in sync.

Why is this important to you?  When your whole team is cohesive and in harmony, not to sound cliche-ish, your whole business will begin to operate like a symphony!  You will see your team members begin to show stronger loyalty, feel more valuable and provide more value.  Many will also become greater contributors to theirs and your business's successes.  All things that help make them and YOU all much bigger champions!