Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!

A Close Look At What Influences A Seller's Decision To Choose A Real Estate Agent

When sellers decide they are ready to sell their homes, will it be YOU they choose to represent them?

Nobody needs to tell a real estate agent about the challenges they face earning new home listings. The reality is the challenge is earning new clients, not new listings. Since your clients will be the ones selling their homes, understanding the selection process that influences and guides them to their final hiring decision is an important key to a real estate agent’s success.

Agents probably know that 36% of home selling clients WILL NOT have been referred to a specific agent.  This means they will be looking for one to represent them.  According to The National Association of Realtors, of the remaining 64% of sellers who do receive those coveted realtor referrals, only 7 out of 10 will end up hiring that agent with one call!  Very, very awesome!  But, wait, that still leaves 3 out of 10 (30%) who still need convincing!

Here's what you've got:

          36%   (sellers who don’t have a realtor referral)

      + 19%    (30% of the 64% of sellers with referrals who never contact those agents)
         55%    STILL UP FOR GRABS!

So, still 55% of new clients are up for grabs!  So many agents tell me that they live on and live for referrals!  It kills me how many agents will depend on those referrals and literally will cruise through their year on referrals, alone.  According to these facts, those agents (and hopefully, this isn’t YOU!) are turning their backs on 55% of clients for other agents to grab right out from under them!  Ouch!

This Training Pack will dive deep into the minds of your future sellers who will be trying to find that right real estate agent that “works” for them!  A decent portion of the 55% of clients-to-be can be yours, that is if you know the secret to finding them and rallying them in your direction.  This Training Pack will reveal this secret!  Walk away with knowledge that will put you at the top of the heap of agents in your office!  Better yet, walk away with more clients, more listings, and ultimately MORE HOMES SOLD!

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