Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!
Everything you need to build and realize a successful marketing plan for your business!

Most business don't know what Money Pages are, so most businesses aren't incorporating them as part of their Smartest Marketing Strategy.

You can get a leg up on your competitors by having more Money Pages than they do!  And guess what? When you do, you also have more customers, too!
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Each Money Page you have increases your opportunities to educate, convince, and convert

A lot of marketing experts will still tell you how important it is for your business to be "found" online.  I agree, but I will tell you that "what is found" is more important.  One of the most fascinating aspects of being in business to me, is the extraordinary opportunities businesses have to connect and to educate visitors online every day of the week. 

Money Pages, or strategically published web pages, help your business execute one of the most effective connectors you can provide to someone who is actively seeking to learn something you can enlighten them about.

Some examples of Money Pages include educational content, answers to questions your potential customers are asking, reviews, articles about you or that you have written, and credentials, recognition or awards you have earned.  Money Pages are pages that have the ability to turn visitors into leads, customers, and eventually money.

In fact, each time a visitor clicks onto a Money Page that is YOURS, you increase your chances to earn them as a lead or a customer by 10%.  Imagine if you had two Money Pages, four, six or even up to ten!?

Most businesses also have Non-Money Pages, some that aren't doing them any favors, some that are actually hurting their chances for business.  Find out more about Money Pages and Non-Money Pages and how easy it is to put these to work making money for your business.

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Money Pages are impactful stepping stones that help guide visitors to comfort levels they need to engage with or take actions towards you.